The Role of Educational institutions of the world preformance development

Still to this day we still can breathe many world organizations that understand the importance of his education at an early age. This is evident from some of the organizations that took a caring attitude towards the education for the children first.

First is the Global Education Initiative, led by the Secretary General of the United Nations, BAN Ki-moon.
This is to gather a broad spectrum of the world's leaders and supporters who all aspire to use the transformative power of education to build a better future for all.

The initiative aims to raise the profile of education policy, strengthen the global movement to achieve a quality education and to generate sufficient additional funds and through ongoing advocacy efforts. Achieving gains in education will have an impact on all the Millennium Development Goals, which is lower than the child and maternal mortality, better health, higher incomes and a more environmentally friendly society.

Conclusion :

Organizational world is still paying attention to every development of what is happening in this world.
and what is the right solution for us.
every little thing that still need to be noticed how and what efforts should take.