Intervention of technology in higher education

" technology in higher education "

Today not a few models of learning that are directly related to technology. at the university milk the state and private sectors, is a proof of technology is not always bad for someone,
with growing tekhnology currently something material that will be applied will be easier to give and understood by students.

Improvements in technology appear to provide an unprecedented opportunity to improve learning and teaching within the higher education system. At present, however, opinions are divided over the efficacy of such an approach and the extent to which technology should be embraced in teaching. Over a period of two years, we have developed a new ` blended ' module where all learning resources are provided online and formal teaching sessions are used to provide the directed learning needed by students.

This article explores the effectiveness of using technology to direct learning and identifies generic problems. Using measures of student performance, we demonstrate that technology in higher education can significantly improve student learning when fully aligned to the teaching aims and fully embedded within a module. The ability of students to use technology to repeatedly return to resources was a clear benefit, allowing students to take responsibility for their own study at a pace appropriate for the learner.

Our own feeling the presence of very useful technology.
This is an example of a picture of a student who is using the technology of its application preformance.

" application of technology in higher education "