Mental education is good for children

is a very in us want, of course for those of you that part is going through a very difficult, because you certainly would not know how definite step in educating and shaping your child's mental, not uncommon in today's children began to grow mentally unstable classified, we can not blame ome of the factors that cause or blame as his friends,Mental attitude and good is a polite way of speaking and the ability to think positively
We know how important a good education for those in the process development and the mental attitude of the child
we probably would really want our children mentally strong and good in thinking and behaving,polite and able to respect our fellow human beings.
preformance this case we are we can not blame my friends.

" is the basis of your child's mental thinking and dividing positive and negative" as those were the words I have ever heard from a psychologist from American article, we can conclude that the basis of all mental formation is essential for the development and subsequent growth to adulthood.

separate notice of this problem clear, we as parents also must be willing to supervise the behavior of children and us but the thing is still quite effective and not as jailing him,
we watch step by step, we give little guidance about the good and bad, and we give love is the main important thing.
( Mentally basic education for children 3 years )

a famous psychology article once noted that most of the world's children had experienced a mental impairment from normal to very falls.

a review and field research revealed that the biggest factor

1. bad parent households.
2.association that less supervision
3.way of thinking of a child who did not receive referrals
4.a child a strong desire ( intention )
5.lack of affection

all part of the review team to study child development world of the UN organization for children,

conclusion :

mental development of a child shall be directed from infants (up to 2 years old). was time for a child to find a good mindset and behavior, you as parents must set a good example for your child,show them the value of the norm norms in force in the family, such as guidance and make you do things that normal to your child.