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" precious stones jewelery "

Actually, what the hell, who studied the science of Gemology ?
The study of gemstones and diamonds that can be used as jewelry. At the institute, we also have the tools to identify rocks and how testing. It makes like a detective, lo. After conducting a series of tests, we can only conclude that if the precious stones. How to see it as well by using 10 times magnification. So it should be a lot of training and practice.

How is the public interest in the science of Gemology ? From year to year, it turns out the higher public interest. Especially in the era of the 80s, people already know about jewelry trends. Starting from the jewelry store owners, prospective owners and enthusiasts gems, to the wider community. They compete like profesional in this field.

" vaults sapphire jewel "

Since time immemorial, have coveted both precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and the like for their astrological significance. Gemstones were also looked upon as symbols of power and prosperity. Nothing much has changed as far as the utility of these precious materials goes.

Now a days everyone seeks quality assurance and the gems industry is no different. The owners want to posses the best of gems to showcase it to their prospective buyers or retailers. The retailers on their part want to give the best to the customers and outdo other competitors. Finally, the end-user also wants genuine and high quality gems and gem encrusted jewellery for personal use.

The need of all these stakeholders is authentic and ably catered to by the modern day gemmologist. A profession in gemology is not just confined to laboratories and conducting tests for grading and evaluating gem stones. In fact as a gemmologist you have innumerable job opportunities ranging from working in a diamond mine to the owner of a popular gems and jewellery brand.