Basic education for children

Have you as a parent to see your child's behavior slightly deviate ?

I think all parents had seen her little deviant behavior
both in terms of behavior and in terms of character formation of a child
many of us are always thinking about how to best solution in solving behavioral problems of the child
whether by way of reprimanding the child ?
we can fit solution.

No actually it is affecting all of our education to children since the start of his birth, and then crawl, sit, and walk, we may not know exactly what kind of education most appropriate since it began early,
many factors affect the mindset children to become so not just education alone but in association with children his friends
it could be you are a soldier, policeman, or a doctor but your child does not want to follow your footsteps as a success. that why ?
simple once a person has character!
of what that character is formed ?

1. Association
in this case we can prohibit children get along with people we consider to be bad for our children but on the contrary if you think about how your child is feeling at the time??
anxiety and frustration felt at the bridle even be circumstances that will be felt by your child,finally Broken Home. Your solution must be willing to be the heart of your child but in the category are still reasonable.
approach your children gently, slowly begin speaking from heart to heart,
give a glimpse of a better future that they could be friends of your child their origin either,,

2. Show and share
provide motivation to build on the children as they like losing grip
That show some impression of special experiences you will ever encounter in this life, tell the children about how strong you are just passing through this life once the most memorable experience for you could be the story of the journey of life that has value impression, in terms of this child will feel that all turned out to have a story.

3. Paradigm
although as a parent you do not know what your child is thinking ?

although as a parent you do not know what your child is thinking ??
is not easy to guess someone's mind, but unless we can guess someone's mind with a behavior that highlight the person. by what means??
with active interaction with someone until you finally know the mindset of the character as a whole
this way you can apply
if you are experiencing problems with your child,

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