Games and Exercise in a student's life

What are games? Why are they played? Why is it said that games are as important as studies?

Well, games are in fact the stepping stones of a healthy life.  Whether a child, youngster, youth or an adult, one should play and exercise every day. Have you ever noticed that a child remains active through out the day than a person in his forties?  Haven't you heard the elders say about their son or grandson that they don't know from where he/she gets so much energy to be so mischievous? The secret is that the young ones mind is always free from the worries about the future and fully engaged in the games that he/she has to play.  It is said that games encourages the minds to work hard.  Games also give our mind a break from studies. It is an essential component of our daily life.  

Games such as Badminton, basketball, football, volleyball etc. are being played in many schools.  It is aimed to activate or boost up a mind which is overburdened with studies.  In short, it is to free the mind and to make it relax.  It transforms your mind as well as your body to a fresh, energetic environment.  Once your mind relaxes and freed from the worries it can think much better and act accordingly.  Games teach us about discipline, team-spirit, co-operation, togetherness, unity and spread mutual affection. Through sports one learns to follow rules.  Nowadays many clubs are being specially organised for games.  The reason is that the world has become so fast moving that man finds less time to relax.  Clubs serve as a medium for relaxation and getting together with each other by throwing away the boredom.

To make one healthy, he/she should always have good, nutritious food, drink plenty of water and do proper exercise. Yes! Studies and games make a us wealthy as well as healthy.  If you have knowledge it opens the doors of a splendid, prosperous life where you can keep your head high. A properly exercised life style keep you with full of energy through out your life.  The fat accumulated through improper food consumption in our hectic life can be solved with a game of basketball or football or even with a brisk walk for 30 minutes.  It keeps away bad Cholesterol and unnecessary worries about your heart in future.  

In short, games ensures proper growth of one's personality through physical, mental and moral development.  So folks! Apart from playing video and computer games, let's start some real physical exercise.  Go ahead, Let the smile be on your face. Keep studying but don't forget to play!  Good luck!


What does peace mean? Is it living in harmony with the surroundings or living as per the situation demands? Are we living in a peaceful environment or do we contribute to bring peace to the community?  What is your opinion about peace? It's time we start thinking seriously about it!

Well, Peace is God's gift to us which can be spread around with a helpful, kind and respectful approach. It can be achieved by a thoughtful gesture and not by the wealth in one's hand.  The world has changed so much that people find less time to sit and relax.  They don't have time for themselves.  All are running after the goals they have to achieve in their life.  Goals lead them not their mind. Olden days, when we used to live in joint families, we always had someone to talk to, share our worries and never felt alone.  But sad to say, the world has shrunk in to nuclear families that their thoughts are also limited to that circle.  Have you ever noticed, when you are in a worried stage, you want a calm atmosphere and an understanding person to whom you can talk to.  Why so?  In a peaceful atmosphere you will be able to think properly and study properly.  When you enter the classroom you feel happy when your dear friends welcome you happily.  When the teacher who teaches you smiles at you, you feel relaxed and more studious.  Why so? The truth is that a human mind always craves for peace.  

I have heard that, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God."  No earthly reward can be replaced with the one which man acquires from the Supreme Power.  Then why we go after these earthly possessions and bring calamity to our Mother Earth?  Why can't everyone be a peacemaker?  If each one try to bring peace to his/her own environment then sooner or later our earth will also become another heaven.  Our eminent writers and poets try to convey the need for bringing peace and it is our duty to follow that.  As a student, let us take a pledge today, "Set peace everywhere and say no to conflicts."

So dear friends, understand the need for peace in this world, in our life.  Help others, be kind, give respect and take respect.  If we, the new generation keep quiet, how long will it take to bring smile in everyone's face?  So let's start today!  Good Luck!

Your A+ Paper

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Life and us....

Life? A question that remains unanswered or unveiled to the mankind.  At times it smiles at you with its wonders and beauty, but reserves its bitter, unexpected blows for the time one never expects.  Going through one's life with steady footsteps is impossible but a determination to make it bright always proves men successful.  Yes! There were times you feel life has given you nothing, left you with no hope.  But once you overcome these fears and worries, there is a shore somewhere awaiting you with its treasures.  Only thing is that you have to keep going....

As a small girl, I used to wonder when I will become big.  When I do something wrong, my mother used to tell me to be  like my elder sister.  At that time I wanted to become a big sister to everyone so that all will listen to me.  As I grew, my expectations also grew.  I wanted to become a teenager, a collage student, an officer, a married woman, a mother and so on.... I wanted to feel and experience the life in its fullest.

But as I grew, I understood how difficult it is to face the life. The colours I wanted to paint in my life remained in canvas....  The vision I had about life shattered in front of my eyes.... The days became long and dreadful.... My family reached a place where there was no turning back.... The laughter of friends which I valued the most in my teenage years faded.... The relatives and dear ones for whom I fought for and thought of my own went away with my financial instability.... I heard people laughing behind me, at me....Yes, according to them I was a loser.... A person who got defeated with the blows of life.... True!  They had the reason to laugh at! I can't blame them.... That is the rule!  No one believed that there is future in us!

But life keeps a surprise for everyone.... As elders say God watches your steps and governs you.... He tests you with so much hardship to make you strong.... But if you are willing to face the difficulties and learn from your mistakes, He will surely guide you through the right path. After so many days of endless worries, we were also shown light.  We were also led through a small hope.... to live and let live!

For that we had to forsake the place where all our good and bad memories lay.  My own Mother Land!  The beauty of my country is something which always I admire and cherish.  It calls me back every time.... But far away, so far away I stay now.... Dreaming of settling down once again back in to the lap of my homeland.... Among those blessed ones who got the chance to stay there permanently....

The fresh air, the morning dew, the chirping of birds, the whistling of breeze, the murmuring of leaves, and what all! As long as my canvas is full, my country will reside in me, with me and it will always make us live day after day.... with the hope to return back into her arms....