Basic Sciences of physics Education

" physics as applied science base "

Nowadays people are so facilitated by a variety of technologies. Technology in the field of transportation allows people to travel far in a reasonable time. Aircraft, ships, trains, buses, cars, motorcycles, and bicycles are several means of transportation have created man. the presence of this transport, people can travel from one place to another and connect with many people in many places on earth.
All transportation technologies would not be possible to grow and create without the foundation of science that supports it. The foundation of science for all this technology is nothing but science and especially physics and mathematics.

Similarly, in the field of communications and computers, have evolved specific areas in the field of communications and computer is called information technology and communication ( ICT ). technology developments have taken place so rapidly.
With communication technology, people can communicate and interact with each other even within a great distance. With the phone has evolved into mobile phones (cell phones), people can talk and interact from a distance and without the need to meet in person.

Especially with the computers and the internet, so a lot of convenience that can be enjoyed by people who previously could not and never imagined to do. All of this technology would be created along with the development of science with theories, principles, and concepts that underlie them.

Aircraft and rockets can be made based on the laws of Newton and Bernouli. Ships and submarines related to natural law proposed by Archimedes. The computer in the form of a simple and compact can be made after the creation of transistors and ICs that utilize semiconductor material whose theory proposed by some quantum physicists. Lasers are widely used in the CD player and some medical devices utilizing quantum physics theories that have been put forward by Einstein, Pauli, Heisenberg, and his friends. And, there are many more tools and new technologies can be designed and made using the existing physical theories

No exaggeration if we say that physics is the basic science or basic science of science and technology. Concepts and principles in physics are widely used to build or establish new technologies. Scientific physics itself continues to evolve to be able to find an explanation or a new theory that could explain the new phenomena. In fact, the current physics are also beginning to be used in social and economic fields. Principles and theories in physics began to be used to find a solution or explain phenomena in social and economic development.

Physics and mathematics are widely used in the manufacture of new technologies as physics and mathematics has provided the theoretical basis and scientific background. The principle of physics is then formed in the shape of a mathematical model in the form of mathematical equations for a particular problem then a solution will be sought from the equation. This is true in all fields, including engineering and social and economic development.

Physics also provides scientific and reasonable explanation of a natural event or technical factors that need an excuse or explanation. For example, an engineer who wants to design a bridge would have to take into account everything that made ​​the bridge will be strong and resistant to physical disturbance. The calculation, of course, includes all the theories and concepts of physics that apply to the bridge and use mathematical models accordingly. Physical theory is always used in the creation and establishment of new technologies.

This is why physics together with maths called basic science. Principles, theories, and concepts used in the field of science and technology.

Private Education Loan Consolidation

" education loan consolidation "

When you end a college degree, the topic of private student loan consolidation will probably turn out to be important to you. Every time you get a choice of undergraduate loans, or loan finance training because some dar their name, you can probably find that you have many. And the choice of a private student loan can bite off more than Stafford loans and even financial Grad As well as financial loans.

How can you consolidate ?

This is interesting because you have a few options. Private education loan consolidation indicates that you simply mix the loan option to the particular leader loans greater.
You will have 3 objectives in conducting this :
1. you reduce costs.
Everyone wants a more affordable cost. If you'll be able to mix non-public student loan finance that you have, you can often receive a lower cost. Obtaining Reduce costs suggest you get a lower rate of interest or perhaps a longer payback.
2.Reduce Your Level of interest.
Reduce your attention consistently compensate loan option will help to burn much faster, it's a big deal. Usually the financial institution will supply cost reduction so as to get even more of the company's costs.
3.Expand the your phrase Spend Again.
Yes , have to pay again for 20 years to reduce costs than ten decades. But you will get additional financial institutions in the long run when it reaches this way. However, if you require a lower cost so that you can fill the fridge, longer payback will generally do the trick like that.

How to Consolidate Your a good way?

With private student loan consolidation, you usually start along with your current financial institution. If you may have much more than a person, you can call them all.
Various large banking institutions have plans scholar mortgage consolidation. For example, Wells Fargo, and Next Student get the job done in the banking market disciples loans. Sallie Mae idea to start providing fast personal loan consolidation options.
Take time to evaluate your chances. You do not have to agree with the bad mortgages using excessive costs. Be sure you have an actual quote, and in the case of bank loan documents do not show the cost you have promised, do you know why. ?

To complete the document, you may need to give your social security, and you will have to be an indicator of some documents. Be positive thinking you understand how a large amount of funds you need to make, and I get a lot of money.

A single Factor You Should also do

Takes on a personal positive thinking that you only have a bound borrowing rate of interest financial institution. Loans price of financial variables supports your financial institution. In the period at a cost of great curiosity, you are likely to spend much much more. Key in the cost is very fitted, and your costs will not change over time. You can usually be the same strategy.

Some good suggestions you can use

Some companies also provide for a reduction in your interest rate in the event you make all the money one time to gain some time. Normally this number should be. 25%. Not significant, but still useful
You can also get yourself a cost lower than that in the creditors by allowing credit providers debit your account. In case you really feel comfortable with it, maybe can save an additional quarter away from the level of interest. And for this one, you do not have to wait to get a couple of decades.

Education Religious Values

" the importance of education to a student religious values "

Religious education is a process of inculturation of the public to pass on religious values ​​to the next generation so that these values ​​are not lost. Religious education is carried out by the short-term investments and long-term, which always proceeds lifetime. In order to achieve the goal of religious education established the participation of the social components are needed.
Overall the components that exist in the community ( the entire social order ) that economic institutions, politics, culture, technology, education, had to walk in balance and harmony with each other and should support each other for the purpose of religious education can be carried out in accordance with the expected .

As noted earlier that the educational curriculum, religious education is an integral part of education curriculum contained in or attached to each subject as part of the educational value. Therefore, religious values ​​will always give style to the national level.

In practice, religious education in the national education system, both of which are on the path to school and non-school education, at least appear in some form or categories differ substantially, both in nature and in the implications of its implementation as follows.

The existence of Religious Subjects
In basic education, religious education is compulsory along with 12 other study materials. In secondary education, religious education is also compulsory education with Country Education and Citizenship Education. Thus, religious education in the education system is very important nations existence.

Meanwhile, problems or challenges faced in the implementation of religious education as a subject in schools today is how to teach religious education not only knowledge about the religion, but it can lead students to become a man who really has a strong religious qualities. Thus, the matter of religious education is not only a science, but it can shape the attitude and personality of the learner to become a faithful and pious man in the real sense, especially when the time shift values ​​that exist as a result of the advance of science and technology.

Attach religious values ​​on Any Subject
The third form is the her basic more subtle, but it has a very important role in developing religious values ​​on students.
Of course, many obstacles are encountered, especially with regard to the ability of educators, both related to the mastery of methods, as well as the demands of a teacher has a strong faith and piety, along with his willingness to develop the values ​​of faith and piety to the students.

Investment Value of Religion in Family values
The family is part of school education as a vehicle for religious education of the most powerful.

Awareness Of the law For some People

Awareness Of the law

In the life of the law can be analogized as a father, why like that. ??
there are many cases in the world that deals with legal issues such as criminal acts done by a particular group, we call it like fighting or extortion committed by both individuals and the group as a gang organization.
As for the many terms that mention " the law is the rule that it must be broken " but in fact is the case for most people who realize the law itself was able to control the effect.
This evidence is still a lot of people who want to obey the law. a high level of awareness of the rules is one of the characteristics of a human being that is able to grow and continue to comply with any applicable norms.

every country led by a leader who has a law degree studies vary depending on the state system,which can be determined by history or events will struggle in the past about a hero or a warrior politics under it.

This my be Related many women and girls are not aware of laws on violence against women, of their legal rights, or how to exercise these rights. “Legal awareness” is necessary for women in all nations so that they can affirmatively claim their rights. When NGOs provide legal awareness programs for women and girls,. then how do I fix this ?

Steps to improving legal awareness for women and girls include.

1.Determine legal awareness needs of women and girls to more effectively target efforts and ensure greater participation. Surveys, women’s NGOs, and legal assistance clinics may be good sources of information on needs.

In Colombia, a survey was conducted to determine what factors make someone vulnerable to human trafficking. It found that a victim might fit this profile.
-.She will accept high levels of risk to pursue a job or a marriage.
-.She is extremely eager to advance in her career in a short time.
-.She is under pressure from her family and friends to improve her financial situation.

Based upon these results, the International Office for Migration ( IOM ) Mission in Colombia designed an awareness and prevention campaign which provided all Colombians with a hotline to support informed job offer decisions. Success was demonstrated by a 400% increase in calls to the hotline in just one year.

2.Prioritize legal awareness programming based upon actual needs of women. Develop materials with input from local NGOs and women.

Methods Learn Math And Discovery

The discovery of mathematics education

Methods of the invention in this study was guided discovery method. In regard to the teaching of mathematics, guided discovery method is the most appropriate term for the students adapted to the conditions that basically is not the inventor, for it will be found that is already known by the teacher or anyone else, and here the student is not a scientist but prospective scientists . guided discovery method.

The function of the teacher in this method is not to solve problems for students, but rather to make students able to solve the problem yourself with the help of the teacher as needed so that learning involves memory optimally both teachers and students.

To plan for teaching with the discovery should be noted that

1. Activities students to learn on their own very influential.
2.Results (shape) was found by the end of the student.
3.Necessary preconditions students already owned.
4.Teachers act as advisors and mentors, not notice.

Strengths and Weaknesses Guided Discovery Methods

* 5 Power of Guided Discovery Method
1.Students actively in learning activities, for he thinks and uses the ability to find the end result.
2.Students fully understand the subject material, because it had its own process to find it. Something that is obtained in this way much longer remembered.
3.Finding itself creates a feeling of satisfaction. Inner satisfaction is encouraging to conduct further discovery to increased interest in learning.
4.Students who acquire knowledge by the method of the invention will be better able to transfer their knowledge to different contexts.
5.This method trains students to learn more myself.

* 5 Guided Discovery Problems
1.This method is time-consuming, it also does not ensure students stay motivated to seek discoveries.
2.Not all teachers have the appetite or ability to teach by the invention unless the teachers are pretty heavy duty.
3.Not all children are able to perform discovery
4.This method can not be used to teach each topic.
5.Classes are a lot of students would be very inconvenient teachers in providing guidance and direction to learn the methods of the invention.

Importance of Learning Discovery

1.In fact, science is obtained through discovery
2.Mathematics is the language of the abstract. Concept and others that will be attached if through discovery, by way of manipulating and experience with concrete objects.
3.Generalization is important for generalization through the discovery will be more advanced.
4.Can improve problem-solving skills
5.Every child is a creative being
6.Find something by yourself, can increase motivation, conduct further assessment, to foster a positive attitude towards mathematics.

learning methods such as these are one in a thousand of the mathematics teaching methods implemented by all teachers in the world.
This is a step positive that growth and the level of understanding of the science of mathematics more understandable by many students.

Consulting Psychologist Education

" Psychologist Education "

How a psychologist to see how to solve the problems faced by clients ?. This solution is given both to students, parents, or requiring personal psychologists solution services. With the exchange of ideas is expected to be completed this client so that the client can appear as a person physically and spiritually prosperous and able to face life with passion and certainly more productive. This is less than the number of stages that we can develop to cope with mental problems and how we handle it.!!

Psychological Examination.
Is a comprehensive examination of the client in all aspects of development. This examination begins from the level of intelligence ( IQ ), emotional social capabilities, skills possessed, interests and talents, as well as the discovery of the potential that can be developed.

Is a training program conducted in groups of at least 5 people to master certain competencies.
skills such as self-concept, motivation, leadership, parenting, life skills, and other skills needed to become a thriving and productive human beings in carrying out their daily lives.

Human Resource Development.
Is a recruitment services, placement office, and also outsource to certain positions. In addition, consultant in human resource development in the company's human resources problems that can be solved with the scientific approach to psychology.

Educational psychologist.
improve the quality of education in schools by utilizing the services of a psychologist. Psychologist services can be started from the intervention system of education, teacher training, parent training, and psychological examinations of students (psychological). Psychological test can be administered individually or group.

Remedial & Therapeutic.
Remedial given to students who fall behind to the particular field of study. Therapy was given to someone who needs increased cognitive, emotional power, or to develop an appropriate and adaptive behavior in the community. Therapy administered either from children to adults.

Community Empowerment.

Often the problems of a particular community ranging from student brawls, conflicts, until terrorism is rooted in the pattern of the existing education system in the community either public or parenting parents. Completion intervention groups in a society is a solution so that the community and the individuals in it are not having problems, prolonged conflict and the emergence of potential psychological problems are more acute. This problem is characterized by members of the public an easy stress, easy emotions, and easily display unexpected behavior.

Psychology research.
This study aims to find the root of the problems that occur in society. By doing research, it is possible the problem can be resolved properly.

Did you know that 95% of Delinquency Caused Error Occurred Teens Educating Parents on Early Childhood ?

Human development index in Education australian

" human development index in education "

The success of development in the region in general can be seen from the development of the Human Development Index ( HDI ), which reflects the achievement of development in education, health and the economy. However, This shows that the achievement of development is still lagging behind. Therefore, clean themselves and work hard to improve is the most important thing for the sake of unequal development.

Kingsbury perhaps reasonably equates standard of living with that report’s Human Development Index ( HDI ), in that it has — since the first publication of that annual report in 1990 — moved beyond simply measuring progress in terms of income per capita as per the World Bank’s longer-running annual World Development Report. But the perennial concern with the HDI (perhaps confusing to the reader of Friday’s article in moving between the “index” and broader “human development indicators”) is that of how it is used.

Which of the most affluent countries is top of the pile in a publication aimed to assist development planning seems to me to be a moot point. Nevertheless, Norway — not Australia — remains in that position; by 1995 Australia was ahead of Norway and not “approaching” it ( from the UN table that Kingsbury refers to, it would seem that Australia lost its edge over Norway during the period starting with Howard’s prime ministership and may now be improving its comparative position ) Ireland is ranked 5th (not 4th); and progress in UN statistical systems means that the 2011 indicators are 2013 estimates, and not the 2-3-year lag time of earlier years’ HDI tables.

This latter point still means, as Kingsbury says, that the effect of recent disasters in Australia is not factored in, but I’m not sure whether this will raise or lower such measures, given likely boosts to public expenditure and associated employment and consumption by recovery efforts and the limitations or quirks of GNI/GDP measures.

Also, it is important to clarify that one value of the HDI has been that it has remained a composite of a small number of the core and more “causal” development indicators: life expectancy, education and income per capita, so that it is only “ longevity ” and education that are factored into the HDI from among Kingsbury’s “ complex range of factors, including income distribution, longevity, infant and maternal mortality rates, education, crime rates, natural disasters and so on”.

Hopefully, the stronger inequality data for countries will be of more policy utility than looking at where a country sits on a global list. Although, I’m also interested in such things, as I presently live in indonesia, which has an income inequality rate much higher than any other country in the world (well entrenched at the top of the global list of national measures of the Gini coefficient), in a country deemed stable and democratic and with a wealth of natural resources such as diamonds, copper and uranium.

The capital, Windhoek, has a standard of living up there with many Western cities, and the chronic poverty of the more remote populations is well concealed by national measures of human development such the HDI. But the same is true of Australia and several other countries at the top of lists of “standards of living”.

Science Education Gemology Article

" precious stones jewelery "

Actually, what the hell, who studied the science of Gemology ?
The study of gemstones and diamonds that can be used as jewelry. At the institute, we also have the tools to identify rocks and how testing. It makes like a detective, lo. After conducting a series of tests, we can only conclude that if the precious stones. How to see it as well by using 10 times magnification. So it should be a lot of training and practice.

How is the public interest in the science of Gemology ? From year to year, it turns out the higher public interest. Especially in the era of the 80s, people already know about jewelry trends. Starting from the jewelry store owners, prospective owners and enthusiasts gems, to the wider community. They compete like profesional in this field.

" vaults sapphire jewel "

Since time immemorial, have coveted both precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and the like for their astrological significance. Gemstones were also looked upon as symbols of power and prosperity. Nothing much has changed as far as the utility of these precious materials goes.

Now a days everyone seeks quality assurance and the gems industry is no different. The owners want to posses the best of gems to showcase it to their prospective buyers or retailers. The retailers on their part want to give the best to the customers and outdo other competitors. Finally, the end-user also wants genuine and high quality gems and gem encrusted jewellery for personal use.

The need of all these stakeholders is authentic and ably catered to by the modern day gemmologist. A profession in gemology is not just confined to laboratories and conducting tests for grading and evaluating gem stones. In fact as a gemmologist you have innumerable job opportunities ranging from working in a diamond mine to the owner of a popular gems and jewellery brand.

Online Degree Programs Education

" education online programs "

now many types of education that promotes online learning media. This is the most simple type of media I have ever met.
there are many sites on the internet that provide educational material online. from a variety of educational materials such as.

1. education about the country.

Nation High School has years of experience in online education and takes pride in producing successful diploma holders all over the world. Nation High School provides the perfect opportunity to earn an accredited high school diploma for students who were not able to continue their education, home-school students or working adults.

2. education about science such as mathematics, physics, biology, geography and all are there. depending on the kind of science we want to claim any kind.

Get started with online science education for kids. Find a wide range of great classroom teaching resources and ideas organized by topic. Enjoy chemistry experiments, physics games, biology lessons, animal videos, technology activities, human body facts, space images, weather projects, plant diagrams, water quizzes, free worksheets and much more. Learn about a range of awesome science topics with cool, interactive resources that will challenge and motivate students to learn more. And if that’s not enough you can always enjoy the lighter side of science with our sections devoted to amazing, funny and just plain weird science. So whether you’re looking for fun experiments, easy activities, cool projects, interesting facts, or other classroom teaching resources related to science education,

3. music education online.

4. education about the business.

Not everyone is able to adapt life to the rigorous timetable of a face-to-face business program. That’s why we developed the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. It utilizes an online learning environment that lets you study when it is convenient to your schedule, from wherever you are.

The Graduate Diploma in Business Administration ( GDBA ) includes a series of graduate level courses that provide core business skills to working professionals. This convenient, practical alternative to traditional classroom-based programs grounds you in business theory and practice.

5. educational online games.

6.Online Bachelors in Physical Education

Individuals with Bachelors Degrees in Physical Education gain an education essential to lead and motivate people towards achieving physical goals or overcoming health challenges. As a specialist in the field of physical education, you will be prepared for a wide range of career options with excellent wages and benefits packages.
Online Bachelors Degrees in Physical Education Requirements
Physical education bachelors degree program applicants often have a history in athletics or an interest in the medical field. A concern for the general well-being of others, interest in fitness, and the desire to inspire are all common trait among the most successful physical education students.

Sir asaac Newton Quotes of Life


who ? that do not recognize a famous scientist SIR ISAAC NEWTON ?

quotes from great people and a boon to mankind at this time do not ever take for granted.
we would not be human progress today without the discovery and research is phenomenal.
of service and effort in doing the geniuses of the past may be a lot of people rate quotes are just a talk alone. but for a small community that loves a pep own knowledge about the meaning of value in it.
These are just some of the famous quotes sir isaac newton gravity law.

" If I am anything, which I highly doubt, I have made myself so by hard work. " " If I have made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention than to any other talent.
" I keep the subject of my inquiry constantly before me, and wait till the first dawning opens gradually, by little and little, into a full and clear light. " " Every body continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a right line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it. "
" Every body continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a right line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it. " " God created everything by number, weight and measure. "
" God created everything by number, weight and measure. " " In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God's existence. "
" It is the perfection of God's works that they are all done with the greatest simplicity. He is the God of order and not of confusion. " " Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things. "

Educational Articles of Government Reforms

" demo is an appreciation society in the reform "

Education reform is a step that is most needed by each country whether developed or advanced.
This is an important step for changes in the dream state system should be set so because in general many countries are democracies in the system of government.
one of the most dominant form of education system reform.

Every week in New York, there’s an education-focused event within two very different circles: non-education innovators and education practitioners. In the past two weeks, the Council on Foreign Affairs held a discussion with former NYC Chancellor for Education Joel Klein and former U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings; the inaugural New York Ideas Conference included a session with Klein and education heavyweights like Randi Weingarten and Gaston Caperton; and on Friday, the uber-sexy Skillshare held its first Penny Conference, a half-day session focused on learning and innovation.

Glancing at each of the agendas, though, something is awry: the traditional educators and the non-educators are rarely in the same room. The first group includes administrators, teachers, and policy makers like Weingarten, the president for the American Federation of Teachers, or Norman Atkins, the Founder of Uncommon Schools and the Relay Graduate School of Education. The other side is a list of younger, hipper types with an obvious talent for entrepreneurship. This includes several founders of edtech companies like Chegg or Grockit and runs the gamut to include innovative organizations like General Assembly.

Meaningful collaboration between the two groups is minimal for a variety of reasons. Some educators are suspicious of non-educator innovators for their focus on the market value of education; mobile education products and services alone could be worth $38 billion by 2020. Traditional educators also have reason to believe that entrepreneurs are divorced from classroom reality. While technology is helpful, teaching is a skillful human endeavor that cannot be automated. At a policy level, educators caution against using technology as a silver bullet solution and fear the hype of education technology could distract stakeholders from other critical issues facing education, including access, teacher evaluation, and school choice.

This is not to say that educators eschew technology; many of them embrace it when used strategically. Experts in the field, like Cami Anderson, the dynamite superintendent of Newark schools who just made Time’s 2012 Top 100 List, told the New York Ideas Conference audience that technology fulfills very specific needs in education: in providing real-time student data; in creating databases of curriculum; and in offering new ways to engage students who may reinforce.

For their part, edtech start-ups are bullish on the potential of their innovations, evangelizing the “disruptive” boost that digital learning and non-classroom based solutions can offer to education reform.

They have every reason to be excited. According to Chris Dede of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, technology is rapidly moving into school classrooms, which are already using 1.5 million iPads around the U.S.

He says, “they’ve [school districts] eliminated policies restricting using mobile devices for learning and they’re interested in developing mobile learning programs as fast as possible. We’re going from districts fearing it and blocking it off to welcoming it and making it a major part of their technology plan.” Currently, 80% of teenagers have cell phone and 60% of schools at least permit them on school grounds, if not in the classroom.

The point where both groups can converge is over student achievement. Without improved learning outcomes, new resources are meaningless. Educators make this clear. Professor of Education Elliott Solloway says, “I’m petrified that we’ll apply new technology to old pedagogy.Right now, the iPad craze is using the same content on a different device. Schools must change the pedagogy.”

In light of this challenge – to prove that innovations in education are actually effective – here are the areas and products within education that live up to their “ game-changing ” hype :

Adaptive Learning

Imagine a GPS for education where content and instruction is adapted to your learning style and needs. This algorithm-intensive system provides invaluable student data to teachers (a la Anderson’s recommendation), in addition to customized student learning opportunities outside the classroom. Two outstanding examples include Jose Ferreira’s Knewton, and McGraw-Hill’s Digital Products Group under the leadership of the talented Jay Chakrapani who offers multiple products to learners and teachers across the K-12 and university spectrum. According to a new McGraw-Hill report, college students using their AL technology increased their course performance by one letter grade and increased their pass rates by 12.5%.

Online Learning

Online learning is not new, but finding a legitimate, quality-assured program is difficult. Enter 2tor, Inc, an online learning platform harnessing the internet, social media, cloud computing, and mobile technology to offer students a new level of online learning that eschews the sketchy model of virtual degrees for a full educational experience akin to studying on-campus. It works with top-ranked universities, pioneering its first model with USC and then with UNC’s top ranked MBA program. The beauty of 2tor is that it improves how students learn online while helping the university do what it does best: create and share knowledge.

Continuous Learning

The emergence of Khan Academy, Skillshare, and General Assembly offer informal learners the chance to hone and refine skills in core areas like finance, entrepreneurship, and computer programming without having to “go back to school.” The current challenge is how to balance the democratization of teaching with accreditation so that learners who put the time and effort to enroll in classes like General Assembly’s 3-week intensive Web Development course demonstrate added value to employers. Given startup solutions like LearningJar or GA’s recent partnership with LaGuardia Community College, it won’t be long until new models of continuous education programs become major players in career advancement and the post-secondary scene.

education tax credit income limit

" Education tax credit "

a lot of educational programs that build today from the kind of education one home to be the trend nowadays as education income tax credit limit.
This is an important indication that many people enjoy doing.
can be said not only the kind of education but also can be said as a kind of business in the field.

What are the tax credits and deductions relating to higher education ?

There are two education tax credits--the American Opportunity credit (formerly the Hope credit) and the Lifetime Learning credit--that provide some relief to families in the midst of financing their children's college education. There is also a federal income tax deduction for certain taxpayers who pay qualified higher education expenses, as well as a deduction for certain individuals who pay student loans. As a general rule, a tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction against taxes owed, and it is therefore more valuable than a tax deduction of the same dollar amount.

American Opportunity credit

The American Opportunity credit is worth a maximum $2,500 per student in tax savings for the first four years of your child's post-secondary education. The credit is calculated as 100 percent of the first $2,000 of qualified tuition and related expenses, plus 25 percent of the next $2,000 of expenses.

There are eligibility restrictions. First, the credit applies only to undergraduate students who are enrolled in college on at least a half-time basis. Second, the ability of parents to take the credit depends on their modified adjusted gross income (MAGI). In 2012, the full credit is limited to single filers with a MAGI below $80,000 and joint filers with a MAGI below $160,000. A partial credit is available for single filers with a MAGI between $80,000 and $90,000 and joint filers with a MAGI between $160,000 and $180,000.

One distinct advantage of the American Opportunity credit is that there is no limit on the number of credits that may be claimed on a single tax return in a given year (provided each person qualifies independently). For example, if Mom and Dad have triplets who are in their freshman year of college, then Mom and Dad can claim a total of $5,400 ($1,800 x 3) in credits for that year. However, the American Opportunity credit and Lifetime Learning credit are mutually exclusive; they cannot be taken in the same year.

Lifetime Learning credit

The second tax credit is called the Lifetime Learning credit This credit is worth a maximum yearly tax savings of $2,000. The credit is calculated as 20 percent of the first $10,000 of qualified tuition and related expenses

As the name implies, the Lifetime Learning credit is intended to apply to higher education courses taken throughout your lifetime, whether to acquire or improve job skills. As such, it is less restrictive on the type and level of enrollment than the American Opportunity credit. For example, the Lifetime Learning credit is available to graduate students as well as to undergraduate students. It is also available to students enrolled on less than a half-time basis. So, a single word processing course taken by a lawyer at his or her local community college will qualify for the credit.

As with the American Opportunity credit, there are restrictions on the Lifetime Learning credit. In 2012, the full credit is limited to single filers with a modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) below $52,000 ($51,000 in 2011) and joint filers with a MAGI below $104,000 ($102,000 in 2011). A partial credit is available for single filers with a MAGI between $52,000 and $62,000 ($51,000 and $61,000 in 2011) and joint filers with a MAGI between $104,000 and $124,000 ($102,000 and $122,000 in 2011). One particular disadvantage of the Lifetime Learning credit is that it is limited to a total of $2,000 per tax return per year, regardless of the number of people who qualify in a family in a given year. So, in the example with the triplets, Mom and Dad would be able to take a total credit of $2,000, not $6,000. Yet on the plus side, the Lifetime Learning credit is available for an unlimited number of years, whereas the American Opportunity credit is limited to the first two years of a child's post-secondary education.

7 Earthquake over the life of the earth

earthquakes has always been a terrible disaster on earth.
throughout the history of life on earth. may not be off the scene shifting tectonic plates and volcanic eruption began. it's all because of our continent as it floats in the ocean.

as for some sources too powerful earthquakes recorded over the life of the earth and human life as starting familiar with the technology.

1.Shensi, China, Jan. 23, 1556

" forms of damage that caused the earthquake "

Magnitude about 8 Richter scale,830,000 deaths

This earthquake occurred in the Shaanxi province (formerly Shensi), China, about 50 miles east-northeast of Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi. More than 830,000 people are estimated to have been killed. Damage extended as far away as about 270 miles northeast of the epicenter, with reports as far as Liuyang in Hunan, more than 500 miles away. Geological effects reported with this earthquake included ground fissures, uplift, subsidence, liquefaction and landslides. Most towns in the damage area reported city walls collapsed, most to all houses collapsed and many of the towns reported ground fissures with water gushing out.

2.Tangshan, China, July 27, 1976

" Tangshan China Earthquake "

Magnitude 7.5. Richter scale

1976: Workers start rebuilding work following earthquake damage in the Chinese city of Tangshan, 100 miles east of Pekin, with a wrecked train carriage behind them. Official casualty figure is 255,000 deaths.Estimated death toll as high as 655,000.
Damage extended as far as Beijing. This is probably the greatest death toll from an earthquake in the last four centuries, and the second greatest in recorded history.

3.Aleppo, Syria, Aug. 9, 1138

time ruins

Magnitude not known, about 230,000 people deaths.

Contemporary accounts said the walls of Syria’s second-largest city crumbled and rocks cascaded into the streets. Aleppo’s citadel collapsed, killing hundreds of residents. Although Aleppo was the largest community affected by the earthquake, it likely did not suffer the worst of the damage. European Crusaders had constructed a citadel at nearby Harim, which was leveled by the quake. A Muslim fort at Al-Atarib was destroyed as well, and several smaller towns and manned forts were reduced to rubble. The quake was said to have been felt as far away as Damascus, about 220 miles to the south. The Aleppo earthquake was the first of several occurring between 1138 and 1139 that devastated areas in northern Syria and western Turkey.

4.Sumatra,Indonesia, Dec. 26, 2004

" the remaining rubble in Sumatra "

Magnitude 9.1, 227,898 deaths.

This was the third largest earthquake in the world since 1900 and the largest since the 1964 Prince William Sound, Alaska temblor. In total, 227,898 people were killed or were missing and presumed dead and about 1.7 million people were displaced by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in 14 countries in South Asia and East Africa. (In January 2005, the death toll was 286,000. In April 2005, Indonesia reduced its estimate for the number missing by over 50,000.)

5.Haiti, Jan 12, 2010

" the remaining rubble in Haiti "

According to official estimates, 300,000 were also injured, 1.3 million displaced, 97,294 houses destroyed and 188,383 damaged in the Port-au-Prince area and in much of southern Haiti. This includes at least 4 people killed by a local tsunami in the Petit Paradis area near Leogane. Tsunami waves were also reported at Jacmel, Les Cayes, Petit Goave, Leogane, Luly and Anse a Galets.

6.Damghan, Iran, Dec. 22, 856

" the remaining rubble in Damghan "

Magnitude not known, about 200,000 deaths.

This earthquake struck a 200-mile stretch of northeast Iran, with the epicenter directly below the city of Demghan, which was at that point the capital city. Most of the city was destroyed as well as the neighboring areas. Approximately 200,000 people were killed.

7.Haiyuan, Ningxia , China, Dec. 16, 1920

7.8 magnitude, about 200,000 deaths.

This earthquake brought total destruction to the Lijunbu-Haiyuan-Ganyanchi area. Over 73,000 people were killed in Haiyuan County. A landslide buried the village of Sujiahe in Xiji County. More than 30,000 people were killed in Guyuan County. Nearly all the houses collapsed in the cities of Longde and Huining. About 125 miles of surface faulting was seen from Lijunbu through Ganyanchi to Jingtai. There were large numbers of landslides and ground cracks throughout the epicentral area. Some rivers were dammed, others changed course.

from various sources which we summarize.
United States Geological Survey, Encyclopedia Britannica

Composition of the MBA program curriculum

" MBA Curriculum "

All the colleges that have the distinction curriculum they implement in educating their students.
is a basic essential that should have a university. strength of the foundation and some Curriculum can create a competent education.

The MBA program has been designed to give students a strong foundation in business fundamentals while enabling them to individualize their program by selecting elective courses. Each course builds the students business and practical knowledge while providing the leadership skills and groundwork necessary to become effective leaders and managers. Through hands-on learning and networking opportunities, the College’s MBA prepares students to be effective leaders by emphasizing conceptual, analytical, technical, interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

Each MBA course is built on a forward-looking curriculum reflecting the ever-changing needs of today’s organizations. Students can expect to discuss current issues, learn from past case studies, forecast future trends, and participate in dynamic group discussions.

The MBA program is comprised of 33-48 semester units (11-15 courses) which have been designed to deliver broad, strategic managerial perspectives, while balancing theory with practical application and strengthening leadership skills. Eighteen - thirty units (6-10 courses) are dedicated to interdisciplinary courses selected to provide a thorough foundation in conceptual, quantitative, strategic, analytic, and problem-solving skills. In addition, you’ll select a concentration area (consisting of four courses) that will enable you to further customize your degree and culminate the program with a 3 unit Business Strategy Capstone course.

MBA Core ( 10 Units )

Acct 510 Financial Accounting ( 3 )
Acct 511 Seminar in Managerial Accounting ( 3 )
Econ 515 Microeconomic Perspectives for Managers ( 3 )
Fin 517 Managerial Finance ( 3 )
Mgmt 516 Operations Management ( 3 )
Mgmt 518 Legal & Ethical Environment of Business ( 3 )
Mgmt 524 Seminar in Organizational Behavior & Admin. ( 3 )
ISDS 514 Decision Models for Business & Economics ( 3 )
Mktg 519 Marketing Management ( 3 )
Mgmt 515 or Econ 521 Mgmt Information in the Corporate Environment or Macroeconomic Perspectives for Managers (3)

MBA Concentration ( 12 - 15 units )

Students may choose from eleven concentration areas to tailor their degree towards their professional, personal and educational goals. Concentrations are offered in the following areas :

2.Business Intelligence
6.Information Systems
7.International Business
9.Management Science
10.and Marketing.

All concentrations are composed of 12 units (4 courses), except the International Business concentration which entails 15 units ( 5 courses ). All concentration courses must be approved by the Department Chair or their designee. Students wishing to explore a broader concentration may select 12 courses ( 4 classes ) from differing areas, with no more than two electives from any one area, to create a General concentration. Theses electives are approved by the Associate Dean or designee.

Capstone( 3 Units )

Buad 591 Business Strategy Capstone ( 3 ).

Additional Requirements
Students, within their first year of study, must demonstrate proficiency in calculus, software applications, and statistics. The courses below or equivalent coursework must be completed with grades of at least a " C " (2.0).

- Math 135 Business Calculus ( 3 units )

- ISDS265 Intro to Information Systems & Applications ( 3 units )

- ISDS361A or ISDS513 Statistical Analysis ( 3 units )

Writing Requirement
Students, who score below 50% on the verbal or analytical writing areas of the GMAT will need to complete a writing requirement in their first semester in the program.

Terminal Requirements
To graduate, students must complete the individual written component of the Buad 591: Business Strategy Capstone group project with a grade of " B " or better. Students must also complete a minimum of 45 units and maintain a 3.0 minimum overall grade point average. Students who have not met the calculus and software applications requirements upon admission may need to take additional classes.

Management Science MBA knowledgeable about business functions and analytical skills

" Management Science MBA "

College students are always optimize the performance and structure of the basic science department. This is a more concrete effort preformance support basic structure and form to successful students after several years of taking education. MBA management in the field has always been the optimal choice of for a student who wants to underlying science of a business.

There is a high demand for individuals who are knowledgeable about business functions and possess analytical skills. Mihaylo MBA in management science graduates typically hold specialist positions, such as business, finance, marketing or operations analysts. Positions within management science ( also called decision science ), are often found to be some of the highest paying positions within business. Large and medium size corporations rely heavily on business modeling and analytical tools for developing and maintaining a strategic advantage. Students within this concentration learn analytical frameworks and computer based tools that are useful in a variety of business functions, from marketing or finance, to operations. Through up-to-date information and hands-on experience they are ready to serve today’s business community.

This is some of the curriculum will be undertaken by the MBA in the learning system.

Concentration Electives

In addition to the core foundation curriculum, students individualize their program with a concentration, made up of four elective courses. To view a list of approved electives that students in this concentration are currently taking.

For Further Information

Curriculum and Career Advising

To access the university catalog, please visit For more information regarding curriculum content or career opportunities, please contact the specified Career Path Advisor for your intended program.

Admissions and General Questions

If you have questions regarding admissions, application procedures or general information about the MBA and Graduate Programs, please contact a Recruitment Specialist at:

Office of MBA and Graduate Programs : (657) 278-3622.

MBA and FEMBA Programs Email Contact

Other Masters Programs

20 albert einstein quotes about education

what?? usefulness quotes about education itself for you??.

" albert einstein quotes "

for me personally is the aphorisms of encouragement to us to fix what we can give to people.
and these are 20 quotes from a genius Albert Einstein

1." Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. "

2." I, at any rate, am convinced that He (God) does not throw dice. "

3." The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing. "

4." Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. "

5." Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. "

6." Falling in love is not at all the most stupid thing that people do — but gravitation cannot be held responsible for it."

7." The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science."

7." Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. "

9." Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value"

10." The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."

11." The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

12." Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character."

13." Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."

14." Nature shows us only the tail of the lion. But I do not doubt that the lion belongs to it even though he cannot at once reveal himself because of his enormous size."

15."Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."

16. " Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly."

17." It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."

18." My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind."

19." Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding."

20." I never think of the future. It comes soon enough."

Intervention of technology in higher education

" technology in higher education "

Today not a few models of learning that are directly related to technology. at the university milk the state and private sectors, is a proof of technology is not always bad for someone,
with growing tekhnology currently something material that will be applied will be easier to give and understood by students.

Improvements in technology appear to provide an unprecedented opportunity to improve learning and teaching within the higher education system. At present, however, opinions are divided over the efficacy of such an approach and the extent to which technology should be embraced in teaching. Over a period of two years, we have developed a new ` blended ' module where all learning resources are provided online and formal teaching sessions are used to provide the directed learning needed by students.

This article explores the effectiveness of using technology to direct learning and identifies generic problems. Using measures of student performance, we demonstrate that technology in higher education can significantly improve student learning when fully aligned to the teaching aims and fully embedded within a module. The ability of students to use technology to repeatedly return to resources was a clear benefit, allowing students to take responsibility for their own study at a pace appropriate for the learner.

Our own feeling the presence of very useful technology.
This is an example of a picture of a student who is using the technology of its application preformance.

" application of technology in higher education "

Initial Establishment of the United States Constitution System

" United States Constitution "

The Constitution is basically the beginning of the establishment of a state, how to treat the people well is the most in priority by the state and central government officials.
This is a system that should be implemented in all countries not only in the United States alone.
After debating the problems with the Articles of Confederation, the representatives in Philadelphia decided that rather than rewrite the articles they would instead create a new constitution that would form a new central government.

After several months of debate, and compromise, they signed the Constitution of the United States into law, creating the United States of America.


This new federal government was much stronger than the confederate government had been. In order to protect citizens, power was divided between three separate but equal branches of government. These branches were the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. Each branch of government had checks and balances that insured that no one branch could grow too powerful.

This constitution also guaranteed certain rights to the people, helping to insure that they were treated fairly. Shortly after the constitution was signed, 10 amendments were added to it, known as the Bill of Rights, which granted even more freedoms to the people of the United States.

This new nation was to be headed by a President rather than a monarch. This President would be elected by the legislature, which was in turn elected by the people. This type of government is known as a REPUBLICK.

This will result in the prevalence of stability in the lives of the people of a country. this system is the first system in the reference in the United States at that time.

Articles of Confederation first American

The Articles of Confederation was the United States' first constitution. Proposed by the Continental Congress in 1777, it was not ratified until 1781.

The Articles represented a victory for those who favored state sovereignty. Article 2 stated that " each State retains its sovereignty, freedom and independence, and every power,which is not expressly delegated to the United States.…" Any amendment required unanimous consent of the states.

The Articles of Confederation created a national government composed of a Congress, which had the power to declare war, appoint military officers, sign treaties, make alliances, appoint foreign ambassadors, and manage relations with Indians. All states were represented equally in Congress, and nine of the 13 states had to approve a bill before it became law.

Under the Articles, the states, not Congress, had the power to tax. Congress could raise money only by asking the states for funds, borrowing from foreign governments, or selling western lands. In addition, Congress could not draft soldiers or regulate trade. There was no provision for national courts.

The Articles of Confederation did not include a president. The states feared another George III might threaten their liberties. The new framework of government also barred delegates from serving more than three years in any six year period.

The Articles of Confederation created a very weak central government. It is noteworthy that the Confederation Congress could not muster a quorum to ratify on time the treaty that guaranteed American independence, nor could it pay the expense of sending the ratified treaty back to Europe.

The Articles' framers assumed that republican virtue would lead to states to carry out their duties and obey congressional decisions. But the states refused to make their contributions to the central government. Its acts were " as little heeded as the cries of an oysterman." As a result, Congress had to stop paying interest on the public debt. The Continental army threatened to mutiny over lack of pay.

A series of events during the 1780s convinced a group of national leaders that the Articles of Confederation provided a wholly inadequate framework of government.
itself is a benchmark for the government to renovate growing budget confederations. from events that happened probably in the future will be better.

Physical Education and School Sport

A little review of a student feels bored in the face of a lesson should present some fun subject matter.
one example as education about the sport complete with a practice in learn it.
the subject matter itself is very beneficial, students can eliminate the boredom levels will matter that we often apply.

This article presents a systematic review of published literature on the effectiveness of physical education in promoting participation in physical activity, enjoyment of physical activity and movement skill proficiency in children and adolescents. The review utilized a literature search, specifically publications listed in Ovid, A+ Education, ERIC, Sports Discus, Science Direct, PsychInfo from 1990 to June 2010.

The literature search yielded 27,410 potentially relevant publications. Twenty-three articles met the inclusion criteria established for this review and applied by three independent reviewers. Articles were rated independently by three reviewers using a 10-item methodological quality scale derived from the CONSORT 2010 statement. The results of the review detail the nature, scope and focus of intervention strategies reported, and reported outcomes of interventions. The most effective strategies to increase children’s levels of physical activity and improve movement skills in physical education were direct instruction teaching methods and providing teachers with sufficient and ongoing professional development in using these physical education (PE) instruction methods. However, the review revealed a lack of high quality evaluations and statistical power to draw conclusions concerning the effectiveness of interventions conducted in physical education and school sport to improve enjoyment outcomes. It is argued that adequately powered interventions that target movement skills in secondary schools and evaluate school sport curriculum are urgently needed.

Maryland Became Again the winner of the best in Education Week

education and organizations are increasingly closely linked in the same mission to develop intelligence in the small and large scale preformance. information and judgments about the quality of a country's education began in account for the more advanced next generation.

Education news publication Education Week has released the 15th issue of the annual report entitled Quality Counts 2011, which ranks countries according to education policy-making and performance. For the third year in a row, the state of Maryland appears above when scores in all six categories that make up the framework of Quality Counts collected.

The categories include the link between education and beneficial outcomes in the course of a lifetime, K-12 student achievement levels, school finance and spending patterns, teaching and various other policies and standards.

Each one of the 50 states in the study was awarded a summative letter grade to reflect the performance in all the categories and Maryland received a B-plus at number one position. The states of New York and Massachusetts, with B grades, were ranked second and third, respectively. Virginia, with a B-minus, was placed fourth. The nation as a whole earned a C which is the the same grade it had received in last year's report.

The report comes at a time when the American public education system is under the scanner for several perceived deficiencies in policy, programs and personnel that became especially more obvious following the results from assessment tests conducted under the OECD Program for International Student Assessment (PISA).

These tests evaluated the competence of 15 year old students from various nations in math, science and reading and for 2009, found American students lagging significantly behind their peers in places like Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong.The system is under pressure to reinvent itself which is especially challenging given the deep fiscal anxiety faced by school districts and administrations in the wake of budget cuts and withdrawal of federal aid.

One of the best Education Pioneers

Education Pioneers attracts and prepares talented business, policy, law and education graduate students with diverse professional backgrounds to help them launch high-level education leadership careers. The Graduate School Fellowship provides hands-on, real-world experience as well as training in leadership skills and issues in K-12 education. Additionally, Fellows gain the unique support and networking opportunities offered by Education Pioneers and our robust and rapidly growing nationwide network of over 1,600 Fellows and Alumni. The Graduate School Fellowship offers two placement options : 10-week Summer placement and Yearlong placement.

please you can see yourself for more details on their site.

Education Connection Optimize and Effectiveness

Overview education connection

Education Connection is a free service that matches students with accredited online and campus-based colleges around the country that are ideally suited to their unique academic and career interests, financial resources and lifestyles. Unlike Web-only matching services, Education Connection has experienced admissions advisors to answer questions over the phone. Education Connection also offers free advice on different types of degree programs, financial aid, and career planning.

Education Connection primarily uses two marketing methods to drive traffic to its website: television commercials and paid search. The company has created a sophisticated, integrated program that leverages the unique strengths of each channel to maximize site traffic and conversion. Education Connection runs a variety of different TV commercials, each targeted to slightly different audiences such as people interested in study from home or hourly workers looking to earn more with an advanced degree. Each commercial mentions a unique “vanity” URL, such as or, which leads to a corresponding Education Connection micro-site. The company’s paid search program targets searchers who are broadly interested in matching services as well as searchers attempting to find one of the many micro-sites that have been advertised on television. This allows the company to increase the accountability and effectiveness of television advertising by integrating it with paid search.

challenges in education connection

With paid search driving upwards half of all site traffic, the team at Education Connection decided to invest in a software application to help measure and manage the company’s most important acquisition channel. The marketing team was creating hundreds of landing pages and micro-sites a week to align with different television spots, each with their own keyword campaigns, unique creative, and tracking URLs. As a result, the manual effort required to create, manage, and bid these keyword campaigns, limited the amount of time the team could spend on high value optimizations such as testing creative, refining keyword match types, or adding negative match terms. Education Connection needed a robust application to manage and optimize its increasingly complex paid search marketing program – one that would allow it to not only improve efficiencies for the team, but also help to measure and manage the impact offline TV ads have on paid search traffic.

Best Solution

Education Connection implemented Marin Software to manage its large-scale paid search marketing program. The company chose Marin based on the strength of its market-leading platform, proven technology, and hands-on client services support. Education Connection uses Marin Software to create, manage, and optimize its paid search programs – leveraging Marin’s sophisticated analytics and reporting to measure the impact that TV commercials have on site traffic and overall conversion. The company uses Marin’s segmentation capabilities to group the vanity terms by brand across leading search engines regardless of campaign structure, automatically building out URLs and bidding these terms to defined cost per lead targets. The marketing team also uses Marin to measure how landing pages for different micro-sites and vanity URLs perform across all three engines – fine-tuning creative of low-performing landing pages based on what’s working on top-performing pages.

In addition, Education Connection uses Marin Software to drastically reduce the time required to build out and manage their campaigns across Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Using bulk upload and multi-edit capabilities the team can easily deploy a new campaign across multiple publishers at the same time, leveraging automated bidding to accurately predict the right price to pay for each keyword in order to meet defined cost-per-acquisition goals. By running comprehensive reports on campaigns by position, minimum bid, cost, CPA and other metrics, Education Connection is able to then adjust bids upwards or downwards based on daily trends, the timing of TV commercial spots, and seasonal surges in education searches.


Education Connection has achieved impressive gains in click-through and conversion rates, as well as overall marketing ROI as a result of deploying Marin Software. The team has seen direct lift from Marin’s sophisticated bid tools, as well as time savings that have been reapplied to bid strategy, creative testing, and landing page testing. Education Connection has been especially successful in leveraging Marin Software’s advanced segmentation capabilities to measure and optimize the cross-channel impact of TV commercials on paid search – enabling the two marketing channels to work in tandem to increase overall traffic and conversion.

The Education Connection team has always known that television ads drove downstream searches for vanity terms such as “college in pjs” and “school asap.” However, by optimizing bids to better align paid search ads with television air time, the Education Connection team was able to drive markedly better performance for these terms than the more general keywords in their campaign such as “grants” or “MBA degree.” Overall, vanity terms achieved a conversion rate 12.6% higher than general terms, as a result of offline influence and smart manipulation of bids.

The Addition Of Knowledge Through a Game

Game Math For Kids

mathematical resources is an important aspect of knowledge that a child should we teach small. many ways that we can apply to start jack good mindset about science is definitely one of them is with us to implement a numbers game.
This is a best practice by the teachers, and especially for students and children of all ages. A place where students can practice all aspects of math, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, in a fun way and not a pressure game.

Math Foundations is a cutting edge, free 12 week program that will help build the foundation your student needs to do well with mathematics.

designed to teach linear algebra, called Dimension, revealed significant differences between the control group, who received traditional mathematics instruction, and the treatment group, a fun kid.

Owing perhaps to the limited statistical power of their study ( which included about 200 kids ), the researchers don’t make any attempt to quantify the difference that the game made, other than to say that the students who played it in school did better. Past studies have revealed mixed results for the use of games in the classroom, but the authors argue that this is precisely the point – any game that’s to be used in school should be evaluated in a controlled study first.

In terms of the larger implications for education, it should be noted that the school district, which is somewhere in the Southeastern United States, relatively low reach to start. So you could say the results of this study were more likely to generalize to the same district. In fact, a growing body of educators have said that the worst-off in the world of children better educated by machines.

This is a bit of a review conducted by researchers in the world about how an online game can educate a child better than the parents in general.

Top 10 Journals Used in Business School Research Rankings

Below is the list of journals used by the Financial Times (FT) in compiling the Business School research rankings.

" This research rank is calculated according to the number of faculty publications published in 10 academic and practitioner journals. Points are awarded to the business school at which the author is currently employed. The total is then weighted for faculty size. "

Publication TitleSubject AreaPublisher
Academy of Management JournalManagementAcademy of Management
Academy of Management PerspectivesManagementAcademy of Management
Academy of Management ReviewManagementAcademy of Management
Accounting, Organizations and SocietyAccountingElsevier
Accounting ReviewAccountingAmerican Accounting Association
Administrative Science QuarterlyManagementCornell University
American Economic ReviewEconomicsAmerican Economic Association
California Management ReviewManagementUniversity of California, Berkeley
Contemporary Accounting ResearchAccountingWiley/Canadian Academic Accounting Association
EconometricaEconometricaWiley / Econometric Society

Notes :

* The list of titles is based upon survey feedback from business schools participating in the EMBA and MBA rankings.

* The FT top 10 list expanded to the FT top 10 list in 2013.

Best Culinary Schools in America

Some of the best culinary education majors in America today.
below is a review be some information that we studied from several sources :

Institute of Culinary Education (NYC)

Founded in 1975 by the late Peter Kump, the school's career division offers a fast, intensive culinary education geared for adults at least 20 years old. Students are required to have completed at least two years of college or to have two years of work experience in order to enroll. The Institute’s gender ratio is approximately 50/50, and the average student age is 24-28. Although the school is located in NYC, students come from all over the United States and the world. In 2002 and 2003, ICE was a finalist and winner in the International Association of Culinary Professionals' vocational and avocational culinary school of the year awards. Most recently, ICE won the 2008 IACP Award of Excellence for Best Vocational Cooking School. Its students and alumni regularly are nominated for or win top industry awards, such as James Beard Awards, Food & Wine's Best New Chefs in America, and Pastry Art & Design's Ten Best Pastry Chefs. We rate ICE as one of the Best Culinary Schools on our List. Personal tour's of ICE’s state-of-the-art facility are given to interested students.

Texas Culinary Academy

Experience and modern 73,000 square foot facilities come together at Texas Culinary Academy, which has been successfully training students in the culinary arts for over fifteen years. A brand new facility recently opened at the school and includes laboratory, kitchens, classrooms, a restaurant, and retail store as well as a dramatic demonstration area that was modeled after Le Cordon Bleu in London and Paris. The school is located in Austin Texas which offers a thriving art, music, and restaurant scene and was recently ranked the second best place to live in the country by both Money* magazine and Men's Journal**. Students in their Culinary Arts and P√Ętisserie & Baking programs can learn everything from basic cooking and pastry skills to purchasing and cost control—along with essential business know-how required for success in this competitive field. Financial Aid is available at Texas Culinary Academy. This is the only Cordon Bleu affiliated cooking school in Texas. TCA is rated one of the Best Culinary School in America by our own readers).

Le Cordon Bleu Dallas Texas

Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Dallas was established in 1999 to bring a renowned culinary curriculum to the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Dallas represents classic culinary techniques combined with modern innovations and the latest in global cuisine. Theoretical concepts as well as practical and creative applications are addressed in the curricula as well, and reinforced by interaction with professionals in the industry.

California Culinary Academy (San Francisco)

California Culinary Academy offers professional training in culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, and hospitality and restaurant management; with hands-on cooking classes and lecture courses. Instruction in classical and contemporary culinary techniques, business management, wine appreciation, and hotel operations, -- The North Campus: San Francisco’s Culinary Hot Spot Historic California Hall at 625 Polk Street in downtown San Francisco is the nerve center of the Academy and an ideal place to pursue chef training.South Campus: In 2004, California Culinary Academy opened a new 100,000-square-foot South campus at 350 Rhode Island (Rating-- One of the Best Culinary Schools in America by our own readers).

The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Washington

The Culinary School has a broad curriculum -- Baking & Pastry. Wine, Spirits & Beverage Management, Culinary Arts Management, Food & Beverage Management Baking & Pastry. Large spacious facility with excellent trained staff. Students can pursue their associates' degree in Culinary Arts in an evening and weekend, online and on-ground format. The school has its own restaurant. Culinaire Restaurant is a complete instructional environment for students that offers a quality dining experience to its patrons.

Culinary Institute at Hyde Park NY

and Culinary Institute of America (CIA), Greystone- With 300 companies recruiting on campus each year, this continues to remain one of the best culinary schools in America. The school has degrees in Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts, and a Bachelor's and Associate Degree programs. The school has a high-profile alumni. The Culinary Institute of America (main campus at Hyde Park) is the oldest culinary school in the United States and is a degree-granting college dedicated exclusively to culinary and baking and pastry arts education.
Note : the CIA has four enrollment seasons to choose from.

That's some of the best culinary education in this country,
maybe this is a little review that we can take the information about some of the culinary school.