Awareness Of the law For some People

Awareness Of the law

In the life of the law can be analogized as a father, why like that. ??
there are many cases in the world that deals with legal issues such as criminal acts done by a particular group, we call it like fighting or extortion committed by both individuals and the group as a gang organization.
As for the many terms that mention " the law is the rule that it must be broken " but in fact is the case for most people who realize the law itself was able to control the effect.
This evidence is still a lot of people who want to obey the law. a high level of awareness of the rules is one of the characteristics of a human being that is able to grow and continue to comply with any applicable norms.

every country led by a leader who has a law degree studies vary depending on the state system,which can be determined by history or events will struggle in the past about a hero or a warrior politics under it.

This my be Related many women and girls are not aware of laws on violence against women, of their legal rights, or how to exercise these rights. “Legal awareness” is necessary for women in all nations so that they can affirmatively claim their rights. When NGOs provide legal awareness programs for women and girls,. then how do I fix this ?

Steps to improving legal awareness for women and girls include.

1.Determine legal awareness needs of women and girls to more effectively target efforts and ensure greater participation. Surveys, women’s NGOs, and legal assistance clinics may be good sources of information on needs.

In Colombia, a survey was conducted to determine what factors make someone vulnerable to human trafficking. It found that a victim might fit this profile.
-.She will accept high levels of risk to pursue a job or a marriage.
-.She is extremely eager to advance in her career in a short time.
-.She is under pressure from her family and friends to improve her financial situation.

Based upon these results, the International Office for Migration ( IOM ) Mission in Colombia designed an awareness and prevention campaign which provided all Colombians with a hotline to support informed job offer decisions. Success was demonstrated by a 400% increase in calls to the hotline in just one year.

2.Prioritize legal awareness programming based upon actual needs of women. Develop materials with input from local NGOs and women.