Survive And Tour Plans In Dealing with Disaster

Ultimate Survival Plan is quickly becoming the bible for survivalists who want to know they'll be protected when disaster strikes and society collapses. The latest review to hit the web takes a close look at Jason Richards' popular plan.

Richards is quickly earning a name for himself in the survivalist community by bucking traditional preparation methods and producing an urban survival plan that doesn't preach retreat as a primary method.

His model is based of the concept of survival in place. While most plans promote bugging out, Richards says these formulas are unrealistic and destined to fail. People spend years building their retreat and when it really gets rough, he says most people will end up trapped with no way of escaping to their sanctuary.

"Most survival plans are a complete joke," Richards says. "They rely on these perfect scenarios. The perfect plan must be sustainable and surviving in place allows you to go into crisis mode undetected."

The nuts and bolts of the Ultimate Survival Plan involve a three-step process that teaches members how to make their home the ultimate safe zone in the event of natural disaster, financial collapse, war and countless other scenarios that could thrust major urban centers into complete chaos.

Richards combined his own research with survival tips he learned from a Navy SEAL to create comprehensive plan that doesn't revolve around fleeing, but rather turning a home into the ultimate safe zone without letting neighbors of visitors in on the secret.

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Richards says he found a big problem with survival plans that require fleeing the city: false alarms. He says too many people go into crisis mode prematurely, which can lead to missed work - or even getting fired. Going into survival mode at home makes it easy to recover from a false alarm.

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