Importance of Education

Education, which is the backbone of a society is very much essential for man as his primary needs like food, clothes and shelter though most of them are unaware of it.  It makes the lives of men more flexible. It is the building stones of better tomorrow.  Through education, the society is transformed in to a healthy, happy to live environment.  When a child is born, he is unaware of the facts present in his surroundings.  As the first teacher, his mother plays an important role in teaching him to walk, to talk and to get along with his needs. As he grows, the wonders of nature and his surrounding start to haunt him with so many questions.  As students we concentrate more on other extra curricular activities than understanding the value of education. It is because there is always a wide gap between education and students. More to say we tend to object what are being imposed upon us. Schools are something that the educated parents add as a 'must' in their child's life and 'must' is the most dreaded word for a child.

But the truth is that an illiterate man has no knowledge and can be cheated and fooled easily.  He is deprived of the knowledge one acquires from books and news papers.  He is unaware of the inventions of science and the pleasures he can enjoy through it.  Many times you might have come across people standing in the bus stop asking you to read the name plate.  Have you ever thought how degrading is it?  It is true that there are people who cannot afford to go to schools.  Keeping them in mind our government has declared free primary education for all. The awareness should reach people and they should be compelled to get better education.  There are people who don't pay any attention to the importance of education.  For them life is smooth even if you don't study. But it is worth trying than sitting idle.  Like little drops of water make the mighty ocean, we can also put our efforts together to bring awareness to those people who are shutting the doors of their mind towards education. Education is not limited to any particular age, caste or creed. Mother Nature has so many wonders in store that one life time is not enough to learn all about them.

As a student one should always have an urge to learn more and to get well educated.  Then only you will be able to make right choices and move ahead in your life.  A properly educated person can serve his country better and become a proud citizen. Let the wonders of education unfold in the mind of all and let our world be a heaven. Come, let's unite and take the pledge for a better tomorrow!